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About FMI

Functional Medicine Integration (FMI) is the nation’s top Functional Medicine Integration program. Whether you are new to Functional Medicine or have already implemented Functional Medicine, FMI will help you to successfully help your patients through Functional Medicine.

The Founders

Drs. Tom & Stephanie Chaney are the Founders of Functional Medicine Integration as well as Living Health Integrative Medicine. 

They have co-authored the best-selling books Lose the Gluten, Lose your Gut. Ditch the Grain, Save your Brain and Defeat Diabetes

As national speakers as well as regular guests on the morning show, Great Day Washington, Dr. Tom & Dr. Stephanie continue to give back to their patients, their community and their profession. 

They lead an active lifestyle, a reflection of the success that they’ve found in applying Functional Medicine to themselves.

Our Mission

Functional Medicine Integration (FMI) was founded due to the raging nutritional epidemic that has swept the U.S. While Dr. Stephanie & Dr. Tom Chaney were having a massive impact on their immediate environment in the greater Maryland area, it felt like there was so much more that could be done to help patients around the U.S. They then found a team of partners that had already started multiple successful consulting companies for Chiropractors to help them bring their knowledge to the entire chiropractic profession thereby allowing them to have an even greater impact on the health of every American citizen.
The mission now is to drastically shift the paradigm of medicine away from a drug based model over to a holistic functional model that looks at everything that goes on with the patient, finds out the underlying causes of what is causing the current condition, and finding a solution to that underlying situation. This allows the body to actually fully recover rather than just to cover up the symptoms. 
Chiropractors are in the perfect position to help effect this change as they already have the general view that the body has to be treated holistically for the body to fully recover. However, adding Functional Medicine actually allows them to help a lot more patients that could use their help that aren’t currently coming to Chiropractors.

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